Our world should be colorful, especially the color of weddings. We are aim to let our customers choose their preferred color without any limitation. Definitely, with iDress, you will have more colors than ever before

Milly Part of Idress Team

Color Blocks

The below color blocks are some of the most commonly used colors that we have screened and abstracted from various fabric colors and named (since different people may have different understandings of color naming, our naming here may be a little different from what you usually understand).

When you have selected one color for your dress from one of the above colors, the eventual product you see may, depending on the fabric, very slightly from the picture, which is a normal phenomenon. If you need 100% accurate color, please buy a color swatch from our fabric supplier(Lunss) before making your choice.

Color Charts

Special Fabrics

For some products made of special fabrics, we may not be able to offer so many color options; instead, we will provide the picture of the product color card for the specific fabric, so you can choose the right color from it.